Pain is a lot like dandelions: obtrusive, aggressive, unwanted and annoying. We want nothing more then to pull the weeds out of our life and to start over. The thing about dandelions is that they always come back. As much as you try everything in your power to avoid these nasty little weeds, they somehow manage to always pop back up.

But here’s the other thing about dandelions: they are kind of beautiful. There is beauty in looking out at a yellow painted lawn, elegant, vibrant, and inviting. It’s actually quite amazing how intricate each little petal is and how despite being a weed, it somehow resembles a flower. And if it is a flower, then a yard full of weeds becomes a garden, full of growth and life. Pain shows itself so differently to everyone, and I would love to give the antidote to remove it from our lives, but what I’ve learned is you can’t. You temporarily treat it, and you can even heal from it, but you can never completely avoid it, just like those dang dandelion weeds.

The only real way to function with pain is to accept it. To see it as it is, intense and consuming, but also evidence of something more. Just like a dandelion, pain can create beauty inside of us by helping us to discover the depth of emotions, to bring out the strength and perseverance inside of us, and most importantly, pain can drive us to connect to others, to show ourselves as genuine human beings that struggle. There is so much beauty in our vulnerability and pain encourages us to be vulnerable.

It’s not easy to see the beauty in the dandelions when they are wrecking your dreams and destroying all the hard work you had planned. But I can tell you from what I have learned on this earth, when I start to accept the dandelions for what they are, I start to see how they have painted my story and shaped my life into something unique and special.

What are the dandelions in your life?
How have the dandelions caused disappointment in your life?
Do you feel you’re in a place to start seeing the petals in the pain? If so, who can you talk to about that?
If you are experiencing severe pain in your life, and feel there is no way to escape it, please call 1-800-273-8255.

I hope you all come to see the beauty that you have and that you are not alone.

This article was written by:
Sarah Wallce
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